BCOPharma is a healthcare company aimed at developing products for the unique needs of pediatric or other vulnerable patient populations

At BCOPharma we believe that there are many instances where pediatric conditions are poorly treated because physicians have to rely on drug therapies that were developed with an adult population as a first priority.

Each of our products are designed to bridge the gap between what is currently available and what is needed to fill the unique needs of these populations. The ultimate goal is to provide better health outcomes to patients.

The company’s lead product, being developed through its affiliate Brepco, is a unique formulation of a first line inotrope and is currently in phase III trials.

The trial is funded in part under an European Union FP7 grant. As condition of the company’s participation in the clinical trial the company will be eligible to receive 10 years regulatory exclusivity by way of a “Pediatric Use Marketing Authorization (PUMA) from the European Medicines Agency for the product. The company is exploring using same clinical trial data for an “orphan drug” filing in the US and Japan.